Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I Didn't Expect When I Got Married

Case file #1:

Cheese. I never expected to like cheese. In the US I'd eat cheese if it was melted. Pizza? Okay. Nachos? Okay. But just eating a slice of cheese? Disgusting.

But the husband loves cheese. We often have a couple of types of cheese in the fridge. Whenever I'm shredding or slicing cheese he nabs some. He even shreds it for me if I ask nicely. Over time I've started taking a slice or piece here or there never really thinking about it. When my mother-in-law offers me random cheese she's bought I eat some but again didn't think about it.

Until last Friday.. when I put some cheese in our cart at Morrisons. "You like that?" "Yeah, why not?"

That's when I realized. I like cheese. Of all the things I expected to learn to like when I moved cheese is not one of them.


  1. I LOVE cheese, though my poor dad had to have heart surgery at the beginning of the year because of high cholesterol (he's a cheese fiend!) so we've been warned :)

    It's pretty elusive, but if you can find it get your hands on Lincolnshire Poacher, it's my absolute fave. A cross between really good cheddar and gruyere! Yum!


  2. I will try and find some! If all else fails some of my besties live in Lincolnshire so I can get some then! x