Sunday, April 25, 2010

Review: Anstruther Fish Bar

Anstruther Fish Bar has been voted best in Scotland and best in the UK several times over. Prince William, his step-mother the Duchess of Rothesay, and father Prince Charles have all eaten at Anstruther Fish Bar over the years.

My first impression was that the line was out the door! It took us nearly thirty minutes to get our food (and that was for takeaway!) but it was well worth the wait. Across the street there were benches to eat on and an incredible view of the harbour. The fish and chips were divine and I'm not a fan of fish. And, if you want quicker service, you can always sit in the restaurant part of the fish bar.

Anstruther itself was a quaint small town that just melts your heart. From the winding narrow streets to the incredible view of the North Sea it is well worth a visit. And if you go be sure to check out Anstruther Fish Bar because there is a reason it was voted best in Scotland so many times.

Dear You #1

Dear Lady who drives a white Fiat Panda and left her poor dog in the car at Morrisons for over an hour -

I hope your dog bites you and runs away once you get home. The fact s/he barked at you when you returned amuses me. I'm really glad that other lady yelled at you for five minutes because you deserve it. How dare you lock a dog in a car with no window down? Would you like that? No? Exactly.

No love -

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life in Fife

I've been meaning to write a blog for years and years. I've had dozens of blogs over the years but I never do anything with them. That is going to stop, today.

My name is B and I recently (in September of 2009) moved from Illinois to Scotland to be with my Scottish husband. We've been together for over 3 years and got married last August after I graduated Uni with a degree in Social Work. I currently work in an ice cream shop as I wait for enough time to pass so that I can pay home fees to do a Masters in Social Work.

I love Scotland. I really do. Although I still struggle with people taking the piss. I think I'll always struggle with that though.

I've also started making some friends, finally! I have a Thursday night knitting group and a few other friends I see (although most of my friends are immigrants, too, funny huh?). I also am becoming very close to the husband's family. On his Mum's side he has 3 great uncles, 3 great aunts (by marriage), a great-grandmother, a grandmother, a grandfather, and dozens of cousins. I really enjoy learning how to cook Iranian food and listening to stories about driving from the UK to Iran with a Persian rug in the back seat! It's hilarious.

Okay, I think that's an okay intro post for now. We'll see how long I keep this up!