Sunday, April 25, 2010

Review: Anstruther Fish Bar

Anstruther Fish Bar has been voted best in Scotland and best in the UK several times over. Prince William, his step-mother the Duchess of Rothesay, and father Prince Charles have all eaten at Anstruther Fish Bar over the years.

My first impression was that the line was out the door! It took us nearly thirty minutes to get our food (and that was for takeaway!) but it was well worth the wait. Across the street there were benches to eat on and an incredible view of the harbour. The fish and chips were divine and I'm not a fan of fish. And, if you want quicker service, you can always sit in the restaurant part of the fish bar.

Anstruther itself was a quaint small town that just melts your heart. From the winding narrow streets to the incredible view of the North Sea it is well worth a visit. And if you go be sure to check out Anstruther Fish Bar because there is a reason it was voted best in Scotland so many times.

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